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Sep 05, 2023

ftp proxy sometimes does not work

hi i am using f5 ftp proxy "big-ip"

i made a ftp batch file like follows:

ftp "-s:test.txt"


get /logfiles/todaylog.txt


but the above script sometimes does not work.

is the "s option" not supported in f5 ftp proxy?

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  • The F5 never received the -s option. That is a client option, used by the FTP program you are using. The F5 would only receive the commands in the file they the client is parsing using that option.

    If you are "sometimes" seeing uses, is that with different users attempting to FTP? How is the FTP profile and any persistence configured?

  • thank you for your replay.

    i am very sorry.

    i do not know the detail of the proxy server because i am just a user of it. a staff of he proxy server says the server uses "iRrues" and it maybe the reason why the error occurs.

    i was disapointed at the quality of the proxy server. i never want to use it.