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Jun 29, 2019

f5 physical to virtual migration

Hello -

i have a physical f5 - running 11.6 -- i want to migrate it to a vm -- i can provision a F5 on vmware and move ucs --

Question - how do i move the license - meaning should i start with a trial license - and once the config is migrated revoke the license from the physical unit and use it on the virtual appliance


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    Contact your F5 sales person... I'm not sure it's possible to do what you want, but they will know for sure.

  • Hi mawan_revera,


    You might be able to do what's called an "allow move" which let's you move the license from one device to another. That requires F5 to make a change to allow the move. That being said, I would agree with Hamish that you should either reach out to your F5 sales person or call into Support and ask if it's possible to have your current license moved.