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Feb 28, 2023

F5 metrics stream to Oracle streaming service



I need to F5 metrics stream to the Oracle streaming service which is compatible with Kafka, however, I have to use the Kafka declaration and unable to connect to the streaming service. 

 Is anyone able to achieve this?!


my declaration was this one but keep errors out



     "class": "Telemetry",
     "controls": {
         "class": "Controls",
         "logLevel": "debug"
     "My_System": {
         "class": "Telemetry_System",
         "systemPoller": {
             "interval": 60
     "AConsumer": {
         "class": "Telemetry_Consumer",
         "type": "Kafka",
         "host": "xxxxxxx",
         "protocol": "binaryTcpTls",
         "port": "9092",
         "topic": "f5-telemetry",
         "authenticationProtocol": "SASL-PLAIN",