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May 16, 2024

F5 LTM HA Pair hostname name change

guys, i know it might a old fashioned query. By changing the display hostname of the devices will it break the HA trust between cluster?. i think won't break the cluster.

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  • Changing the display name of an F5 BIG-IP device should not break the High Availability (HA) trust between the devices in the HA cluster.

    The HA trust between devices in an F5 BIG-IP High Availability (HA) pair is established based on configuration settings such as device trust and synchronization keys, rather than the display name. These settings are typically configured during the initial setup of the HA pair and are used to establish communication and synchronization between the devices.


    Note: However, it's always recommended to proceed with caution when making configuration changes on critical infrastructure devices like F5 BIG-IP, and it's a good practice to test changes in a non-production environment first if possible. Additionally, it's a best practice to have backups of the configuration before making any significant changes.