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Jun 21, 2012

F5 load balancing setup for MQ




I have setup a farm on the F5 to load balance JMS message traffic between 2 MQ queue managers. This is working but extremely slow compared to when I directly hit the host names. Any suggestions on the best practices to set this up would be extremely helpful.



The farm name and the hosts it is mapped to are on the same VLAN and the host machine use the F5 as the default gateway as well.



Look forward to hearing from the experts out there who would have seen this issue.







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  • Hi Prakash,



    Do you have a Performance L4 virtual server with a FastL4 profile? Also, try using the LAN optimized TCP profile if you're not already. If these suggestions don't improve the performance, try opening a case with F5 Support to get more detailed analysis of the issue.



  • I've faced same problem. What I've found is LB will force (somehow) my application to end TCP session with TCP.FIN after every message it put in MQ.


    the question is can LB handle TCP session between client and MQs without this interuption ? why it finalize tcp connection with every message?


    I am using RR algorithm


  • As per my response to Mahmoud's related post;


    "I've never had this issue when load balancing MQ. Can you provide some information on the VS, Pool and relevant profile setup you've used please?