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Apr 06, 2024

F5 ASM Response logging show different timezone from Request logging

Dear All Respected Members,


I have a question on f5 AWAF response logging.  I am setting up a WAF policy to block attacks and monitor all traffic to and from the real servers. I can see the logs generated for both request & response, but it shown incorrect log timezone for responses. BIG-IP, real server and client are set local time zone GMT+7, but the repone logs are GMT.


I have double checked timezone on all devices are configure correctly. Could you advise me what is the root cause and how to fix it?


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  • Hello, sokkhiang Vantage ADP


    Certainly! The issue you’re facing with F5 AWAF response logging showing an incorrect log timezone for responses can be resolved. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and fix it:


    • Timezone Configuration:
      As you’ve already checked the timezone settings on all devices, ensure that the BIG-IP, real servers, and clients are indeed configured correctly to GMT+7.
      Verify that the system clocks on these devices are synchronized and accurate.
    • Logging Profiles:
      Make sure you’re using the correct logging profiles for both request and response logging.
      In the logging profile configuration, check if the Advanced options are available. You’ll find the Response Logging option there.
      Enable response logging in the appropriate profile.
    • Timezone Mismatch:
      If the issue persists, consider the possibility of a timezone mismatch between the AWAF module and the system.
      Check if there’s a specific setting related to AWAF timezone that needs adjustment.


    Remember to validate each step carefully, I hope my suggestion is helpful for you.



    Best Regard,


  • Thanks Riyan for your response.

    I have already verified these timezone setting are correct, and logging profile also enabled for responses.

    Now i have a temporary solution by using irule to trigger the correct timezone in response logs.