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Apr 19, 2024

F5 Access Guard Deprecated: ZTA APM

Since F5 Access Guard is deprecated and not supported on Win 11, newer browsers, and some versions of MacOS, what is the replacement for posture checking when implementing a ZeroTrust architecture using APM as an identify aware proxy?

One major point of ZT is to do continuous posture checking of a client and the requests they are making--each and every one utilizing a per-request policiy. Without this component, it seems like APM is not a great candidate for use.

What are others doing when using APM within their ZT network? Are they using 3rd part solutions with an HTTP connector to evaluate to client/request for each and every request?

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  • Hi Laser, 

    I'm working as PME for Access security, and would like to answer the raised queries, I believe the answer can be summarized in the below points,

    • For customers using Microsoft Entra ID and Intune, F5 integrates and extends compliance and endpoint checks to network and apps. The enforcement is applied per-identity based on feeds from Microsoft Intune / Entra ID.  
    • Stay tuned for Next Access and features support releases. 


    I hope I answered your raised points.