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Nov 01, 2023

F5 | LTM | Application getting time out via LB VIP

Hi Folks!

Hope we all are doing good!

We have an application listening on port 80, Cookie persistentance (default) in place. Application works smoothly with one node. But as soon we add another node in pool it's getting timeout.

I tried to to play with cookie settings issue still remain, i changed TCP time out but still issue remain same.

What else we can check further to avoid any issue from F5 end



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  • RAQS If you can provide the configuration when both nodes are in place as well as a tcpdump we might be able to assist you further with this. I would use the following as your tcpdump when you test.

    tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnp host <vs_destination_IP> -w /shared/tmp/vs_tshoot.pcap

    That tcpdump will save a file called vs_tshoot.pcap to /shared/tmp/ directory for you to open up in wireshark. If you are using SNAT the tcpdump will follow the connection through SNAT and typically what happens is you can filter on the client ephemeral port because the F5 attempts to use the same ephemeral port for the SNAT connection.

  • let's say the first pool member is A and second member is B
    and things are ok when only A is the only pool member.
    have you tried if B is the only pool member?