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Aug 19, 2011

Difference between LocalLB::PoolMember :: set_monitor_state and LocalLB::Pool::set_member_monitor_state

I have a pool with two pool members and at any point only one member should be enabled. I want to enable/disable both the session state and monitor state of the pool member.



I am able to set the session state using PoolMember :: set_session_enabled_state. However I am facing issues setting the pool member monitor status.


Can anyone please share an example of how this can be done? Should I use the set_monitor_state() or the set_member_monitor_state() to selectively set the pool member monitor state. I am using PERL for development. Your help is very much appreciated!

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  • Check out the article I wrote on Graceful Server Shutdowns. It explains how to disable a pool member as well as disabling new connections.





    The accompanying sample code can be found here:





    This sample was written in PowerShell but you should be able to get the methods used out of it for use with Perl.



    Hope this helps...