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Jul 12, 2011

BIND Statistics?

We are migrating all of our DNS zones to our new GTM appliances (1600). Eventually we will start using Wide IPs, but we are not ready yet. I still want to be able to get stats on how many hits our zones are getting. F5 support told me they do not support any stats for the BIND engine. I was kinda surprised at this since F5 sales made it seem pretty common to use these as full DNS servers. Does anyone know how I can get stats on things like number of queries per zone, per record etc?

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  • They might not support the BIND stats from a PD or troubleshooting standpoint, but it still works just fine. Just configure named.conf as you would on a normal BIND server. I did a quick test adding:

    zone-statistics yes;

    to my zone and then kicked off an rndc stats at the command line, which generated named.stats as expected in /var/named/config/namedb:

    [root@golgotha:Active] namedb  cat named.stats
    +++ Statistics Dump +++ (1312814126)
    ++ Incoming Requests ++
                     272 QUERY
                       4 UPDATE
    ++ Incoming Queries ++
                     132 A
                       4 SOA
                     132 AAAA
                       4 AXFR
    ++ Outgoing Queries ++
    [View: external]
    [View: _bind]
    ++ Name Server Statistics ++
                     276 IPv4 requests received
                      12 TCP requests received
                     132 recursive queries rejected
                     272 responses sent
                      70 queries resulted in successful answer
                     136 queries resulted in authoritative answer
                      66 queries resulted in nxrrset
                     132 other query failures
                       4 requested transfers completed
                       4 updates completed
    ++ Zone Maintenance Statistics ++
    ++ Resolver Statistics ++
    [View: external]
    [View: _bind]
    ++ Cache DB RRsets ++
    [View: external (Cache: external)]
    [View: _bind (Cache: _bind)]
    ++ Socket I/O Statistics ++
                       2 UDP/IPv4 sockets opened
                       1 UDP/IPv6 sockets opened
                       3 TCP/IPv4 sockets opened
                       1 TCP/IPv6 sockets opened
                      31 TCP/IPv4 sockets closed
                      32 TCP/IPv4 connections accepted
    ++ Per Zone Query Statistics ++
    [ (view: external)]
                      66 queries resulted in successful answer
                     130 queries resulted in authoritative answer
                      64 queries resulted in nxrrset
                       4 requested transfers completed
                       1 updates completed
    --- Statistics Dump --- (1312814126)

  • I am not used to configuring BIND directly. I have used it in the past through a GUI front end. Can you give me some pointers on how to configure BIND for this logging?
  • I should clarify that you only need to enable at the zone-specific level if you've disabled globally or are not configured globally. Configuring zone specifically just gives you flexibility, but if you want it all, just configure it globally in named.conf.
  • Thanks I got that to work. Now is there a way to break it down to list how many queries per record?