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Jan 12, 2022

APM SAML group attribute

Hi, I am trying to match on Azure AD group attribute in the APM access policy but i don't get it to work, the APM is acting as SAML SP.

I'm getting the attribute in the access reports -> variables and I can also print it out using an irule so just wondering

if someone has a clue to how I should construct the expression to work in the access policy ?


The current Expression in the access policy looks like this: (not working)

expr { [ mcget { } ] equals "<group-id-string>" }



The irule looks like this:


  set username [ACCESS::session data get "session.saml.last.identity"]

  set group [ACCESS::session data get ""]

  log local0. "User: $username Group: $group"




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  • Just tested something similar and you expression seems right. I didn't receive a group attribute, so I tested with another attribute.


    Here is the Empty Agent I created:


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    Hi again, thanks for the response. I got this to work now, seems to have been a matter of whitespace, this works now using the expression:

    expr {[mcget { 2008/06/identity/claims/groups}] equals "<group-id-number>"}


    I'm using the same structure as you are now, that seems to do the trick. :)