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Feb 23, 2021

APM Reset Fallback

Hi guys,


I have this setup:



I would like to know how to prevent users, when they end up in fallback, receive the error message indicating the session.

Is there a way to send a reset without messages?


Best regards

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  • Hi Satoshino,


    you can modify what your users will see see in ending pages. There is a manual chapter for "BIG-IP Access Policy Manager: Customization Access Profile and Per-Request Policy - Logout/Ending Deny - Modern and Standard" (BIG-IP 15 and 16) or "Localizing ending pages" (BIG-IP 14).


    Links for


    Is this what you were looking for?




  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks you for manual, but this was not what I need.

    I need a way to drop session without show any page.

    I tried to use irule event with "drop" or "ACCESS::session remove" like this:

        log local0. "log"
    #  ACCESS::session remove

    But the result is the same.

    Best regards

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      can you share why you want this?


      because in general you just want to show something if it fails. total reset / drop will just cause someone to be left behind wondering what happened, pressing F5 and starting over.


      perhaps looking at ACCESS::disable can get you somewhere, that should stop APM from acting. but still perhaps share your overall question / case so someone can think on that.