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Sep 23, 2020

APM Allways On and Exclude Address List



I'm looking for an explanation about APM Allways On Exclude Address List and it's update method. When i add, delete or modify on this list, changes did not applied to F5 client applications. If i download a new f5 access client after modifying that list and install it on client machines, i can see modified list works on clients.


Does F5 client application check and download latest configuration before connection attempt ? If yes, does it also download latest allways-on exclude address list ?

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    The version of the APM is checked and updated during connection. What's configured in the "Network Access" menu is updated too.

    But what's configured in the Windows Client package customization is not updated on the client side automatically, no.


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    Thank you for your answer. I've raised a ticket for this problem and request an RFE for update client configs over on pre-session connection. They returned back with some advices. According to their answer, they claimed that "Microsoft AD" could be used for pushing addresses to update/add/delete/modify under regedit, so we could keep that list updated with this way. I've already tested (add/delete/modify) registry keys regarding with those exclude addresses and then restarted system with new settings. But no luck. System doesn't allow me to access those destinations which i've added recently. Also i've requested to increase the number of items stored in exclusion list. However, they claimed that the system admins can add more than 10 records as per they needs and system will allow them even for more than 10 records. That is also tested and not true.