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Feb 02, 2022

2 SSL certificates on a VS

Hi Experts,

I have recieved a requirement to configure 2 certificates on a single VS so whicheve URL is requested it issues the related cerificate.

For example I have &

and I have 2 certificates * and

Can this be achieved, if yes how.


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  • Hi Danish,

    System > Certificate Management > Traffic Certificate Management
    Import the SSL certificates.

    Local Traffic > Profiles > SSL > Client
    Create a separate client-ssl profile for each SSL certificate.
    Check the "Default SSL Profile for SNI" option in one of the client-ssl profiles.

    Add two client-ssl profiles to the virtual server.

    Default SSL Profile for SNI:
    Indicates that the system uses this profile as the default SSL profile when there is no match to the server name, or when the client provides no SNI extension support. There can be only one SSL profile with this setting enabled.

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      What about if the e-certificates are of different domain. Can we set up two separate virtual server, each virtual server is linked to a URL. In the Virtual Server, each is associated with a SSL profile that is associated with a certificate of the corresponding URL. 

      Thanks for your advice

  • The other alternative would be to create a single certificate with multiple SAN names and attach the key and cert to the SSL profile.

    Certificate CN: * 

    DNS:, DNS: *